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It’s about more than a quick adjustment –

it’s about caring for body and soul, from the inside out.


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I feel my life has changed

There is great feeling of calm in your office. It smells like pure aromatherapy bliss to me. I have an amazing feeling of relief and comfort when I visit 3 Bears Chiropractic & Wellness. I know that I will be taken care of and I will find relief from pain and find answers and solutions to my health questions.
I have learned that many of my health issues are related to nutrition and the foods I eat. At 3 Bears Chiropractic & Wellness, my health is addressed with a full mind/body approach, so I don’t just get adjustments or massages. I also get nutrition counseling.
I have had pain issues in my shoulders, neck and headaches for several years and have seen many chiropractors. Now that I visit 3 Bears Chiropractic & Wellness regularly, I find my adjustments last longer because Dr Renee focuses not only on my spinal health like most chiropractors, but also speaks to me about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes and day to day routines. I feel like my life has changed because I don’t have to endure pain as much—rather, I feel relief and I am empowered by Dr. Renee to make changes in my life to make life better.
Both of my daughters receive regular chiropractic care from Dr. Renee. My four-year-old enjoys getting “massages” from her and asks for her by name. My one-year-old has been seeing Dr. Renee since she was a newborn. She was in the hospital with the RSV virus at 33 days old and Dr. Renee came and worked with her little immune system to help clear her little sinuses and pneumonia.  My children also have seen Dr. Renee for colic, constipation, fever, colds and flu, ear infections and well visits. She is our family practice doctor!


Thanks to 3 Bears for your support!

Two days ago, I came into 3 Bears feeling not so well; stressed out, tired, sore and just plain exhausted. I am a mother of two, and between caring for them and juggling everyday life and other added stresses I am often left spent. But, when I left 3 Bears I felt renewed and refreshed!
Sarah Snider and Dr. Renee are very skilled at what they do, and I know that they listen to me and assist with treatments that they believe are best for my body. I can also trust that they will only use the most natural and holistic methods to treat my aliments...that is reassuring! Since being a patient of 3 Bears, I not only have become more aware of what I put into my body but also how food and supplements can aid my body in becoming stronger and better able to heal form illness.
Thanks to 3 Bears for your support and education in trying to live the best life possible.

Go to 3 Bears now. Your body will thank you!

My overall health has improved greatly, and specific problems have been remedied through diet and supplements - as opposed to medication.  I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Renee for helping me get my health on track!

Feeling great inside and out

Dr Renee makes me feel great inside and out.  I'm always glowing when I leave her office - it's better than a facial!   And better for you!  Her remarkable skill set makes her a marvelous practitioner for anyone who is looking for "whole" care.

And she's just about the most wonderful Doctor you could hope to meet.

Getting back on track...

Dr. Renee and i worked together to develop a supplement and nutritional plan that works with my extremely busy lifestyle.  Even if i'm not able follow it to the T, due to travel, etc, she helps me get back on track quickly and effectively.

I am always learning new things about my body, and the body in general, when I see Dr. Renee.  She has a vast knowledge base, and has ideas to help me with just about all my concerns.

A diagnosis that is smart, informed, and helpful.

Dr. Renee is extremely gifted at welcoming you to the clinic in a warm and wonderful way. Having lived all over the US, and having seen a good number of health professionals, i can honestly say that Dr. Renee is the best. She is reason alone to come back to Minneapolis! Her warm and welcoming presence immediately puts you at ease - even if you've been suffering. Her analysis of your lifestyle and overall health - not just your immediate symptoms - leads to a diagnosis that is smart, informed and helpful. If you haven't seen Dr. Renee and her team before - make an appointment now! She truly is an amazing person, and an outstanding doctor! With her physical and nutritional treatments, she's changed the way my body runs.  I've gone from miserable at 30 to happy and healthy at 40!


Caring for kids

Families that have children will benefit from having the whole family- children and adults getting treatment at 3 Bears because if you can start your child young in supporting their needs physically and emotionally they are going to be molded into a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Since being a patient at 3 Bears

I continue to recognize the balance of holistic and western medicine approach and the balance to work and personal life. I continue to recognize my own stress levels and have self-awareness of when I need to check-in with 3 Bears for an adjustment or a massage.

Michele's warmth and caring about what I need is genuine.

It shows in the time she takes to talk with me, to know who I am, and in how she works with me during a session.  Each session is unique depending on what I need and may change throughout each session.

She's right there with me.  She understands how emotions live in the body and that adds a very special dimension to working with her.  She would say that she has training and experience in different techniques, but it's all blended together in a way that "makes it just right."

My practitioner is amazing!

Working in the medical field personally I know what it means to provide good patient-family centered care. She provides 110% of just this! Her care is loving, personalized, individualized, and supportive of my health care needs. My practitioner provides empathy, listens attentively, explains and communicates to the tee and always puts a smile on my face.

Each time I go to 3 Bears

I am constantly learning and growing in my awareness to the holistic approach and overall health and wellness care that is important to me. I am always given simple yet concrete and thorough explanations of nerves, muscles, our body responses, nutrition, and much more. 


I was welcomed with warmth...

When I first got referred to 3 Bears I knew it was a fit for me! I was welcomed with warmth, given a head to toe evaluation, informed of the process of how 3 Bears does care and treatment for their patients and was listened to in every regard.

Now, each time I have an appointment to go to 3 Bears I go without hesitation. I don’t get anxious, irritated, or frustrated in going as I do when going to regular or speciality doctor appointments. I automatically feel a sense of security and comfort when walking into 3 Bears. I also walk in having this awareness that I know I will walk out of my appointment feeling better, whether it’s physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. I am touched in some way, shape, or form.